Unique design expertise, cutting edge product knowledge and a passion for sound quality.


Hirtles is a name synonymous with great sound and over the years we have become the company that offers the most comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of home and professional audio and video equipment available on Prince Edward Island. Architects, Engineers, Business Owners and Government Agencies all turn to HirtlesSounsd Solutions because they know we are on the cutting edge when it comes to designing and providing sound solutions. We offer complete consultation, computer design services, supply and installation of Audio/Video and Lighting Systems that integrate seamlessly.

If you are building a new home, renovating, remodeling or maybe you just want to upgrade your current home electronics Hirtles Sound Solutions can help you. For many people the task of planning or outsourcing your electronics needs can be overwhelming with so many choices and so many price points. With advances in technology today and the ever growing desire for a total home experience.


Our Services

We are committed to providing products and services to meet the ever growing demand for user friendly, efficient and elegant sound and video components. We can work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met and in most cases exceeded. We ensure that when you spend your money that you are indeed getting the best value for your dollar with Audio/Video Systems designed to meet your needs.



  • Audio/Video Design

  • Plans and Wiring

  • Distributed Audio

  • Multimedia Projection

  • Public Address Systems

  • Background Music

  • Paging and Intercom Systems

  • Acoustic Panel Sound Treatment
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  • Home Theatre Systems

  • Multi Room Audio

  • Structured Home Wiring

  • Smart Home Automation

  • Acoustic Panel Sound Treatment

  • Wireless Streaming

  • Wireless Home Control

  • Installation

Featured Brands

We work with manufacturers of quality brand name products and services to ensure that our clients needs and budget requirements are fully met from start to finish.